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Trusted by the largest brands, movie studios, award shows, and sports leagues to provide turnkey event experiences and seamless social media activations across the globe.

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Brand Activations

Make your brand stand out at your next event with a 360 video booth activation! Capture amazing content with backgrounds and props customized to your brand while getting tons of impressions leveraging your fan’s social media accounts!

Fan Experiences

Let OrcaVue deliver captivating content to your fans and give them a 360 video souvenir they can share with the world! We have worked with stadiums all over the country to add an engaging element to professional sporting events and have captured 360 footage of the world’s greatest athletes!

Red Carpet

Capture all of the glamour of your event with a 360 video booth and get show stopping 360 content for your VIP’s! OrcaVue’s professional staff is ready to add the perfect touch to your red carpet event.

Private Events

Capture 360° of your private event and give your guests content that they will remember. Orcavue’s software will allow guests to upload to their social media using your any hashtag you want!.

Our Work

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OrcaVue Hardware & Rentals

OrcaVue |  360 Videobooth | Events | Activations | Rentals

Are you an event production organization simply in need of an OrcaVue 360 camera rig?

Rent the OrcaVue XL or Purchase the OrcaVue Life!


OrcaVue |  360 Videobooth | Events | Activations | Rentals

OrcaVue Hardware & Rentals

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About Us

OrcaVue |  360 Videobooth | Events | Activations | Rentals
OrcaVue |  360 Videobooth | Events | Activations | Rentals

OrcaVue’s patent pending technology revolves any video camera in a 360 degree view around a central stationary platform. The end result – a seamless breathtaking video, mimicking the iconic Matrix bullet-time effect.

Typically, this effect would require a Hollywood size budget on the order of $50,000 to $200,000 per shoot, in addition to the countless hours needed for the complicated setup and post-production efforts. 

OrcaVue’s versatility packs the bullet-time effect into one simple, portable, and affordable rig. Offering a minimalist footprint size, customized physical and digital branding, and endless prop ideas. From professional productions to the craziest after parties, OrcaVue has the ability to make your event a success.