OrcaVue Product Videography

You work hard to make sure that every detail of your products look amazing, so make sure your clients can see all 360° of your product! Use an OrcaVue camera rig at your next product shoot to cost-effectively get the perfect shot!


Choose the Right OrcaVue for Your Shoot


OrcaVue Life

The OrcaVue Life brings the cinematic “bullet time effect” into the hands of consumers and professionals alike. This is the most affordable, lightweight, and compact of the OrcaVue models. The user friendly design makes this unit easy to use and quick to set up with no tools required. Conveniently packaged in a rugged wheeled transport case, the OrcaVue Life is easy to travel with, and can be brought to a variety of film locations. It can support up to 2 people and is designed to accommodate cameras such as GoPros, Smartphones, or small DSLRs.

Max Payload350 lbs.
Platform Size2 ft.
Camera Swing Arm Diameter4-12 ft.
Unit Weight37 lbs.
Rotation Speed (RPM)20-150
Supported Camera ExamplesGoPro, Smartphone
Camera Weight Max.1 – 1 lb. **
Camera Max Ht. (relative to subject)3 ft.

OrcaVue XL

The OrcaVue XL, boasting a 4ft platform, allows for more dynamic and fluid movement of the center piece. With its zero-shake camera stability technology, any heavy activity on the platform by the user will not effect the camera’s motion, resulting in a smooth seamless shot every time. A reinforced camera arm will give the ability to capture with high grade professional cameras such as the Sony FS700, or any DSLR. Even though this is our largest model, capable supporting up to 5 people, the unit is still completely portable and simple to set up with no tools required.

Max Payload850 lbs.
Platform Size4 ft.
Camera Swing Arm Diameter4-14 ft.
Unit Weight160 lbs.
Rotation Speed (RPM)10-50
Supported Camera ExamplesDSLRs, Sony FS700
Camera Weight Max1 – 5 lb. **
Camera Max Ht. (relative to subject)5 ft.

**Limitations Apply


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